Triathlon suit with short sleeves ELITE

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Men’s triathlon suit with short sleeves has a close-fitting, anatomically shaped design and consists of three different functional fabrics. The base of the upper part is made of very flexible, light and soft material Fitex. Raglan sleeves and the middle of the back part are made of speed, slightly compressive material Velaro that has a special knit for better breathability and airflow. The bottom part of the suit consists of two fabrics. Velaro is used for the sides of the legs and the middle part of the leg is made of Tritech that dries really quickly. On the front part, there is a full length zipper with a lock down system that makes it possible to partly or completely unzip the upper part and therefore it is easier to put the suit on. The V-neck has a thin and flexible hem. The raglan, elbow-length sleeves have a clean-cut edge. On the back part, there is a larger pocket with an overlay. The trouser part is raised in the waist area, so it creates an overlap in the point of opening the zipper. We put a thin glued edging rubber around the waist. The knee-length trousers are hemmed with 7cm wide, soft and nonslip rubber. In the crotch area, there is a Triathlon pad and the seams are glued together. The suit comes with reflective elements. It is possible to produce the suit without the back pocket at your request.

Código: at553
Material: Fitex + Velaro + Tritech
Variantes: Pánská
Tallas: XS / S / M / L / XL / XXL / 3XL