Jersey for cross-country skiing suit

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This jersey is a upper part of the suit for cross-country skiing, that is worn by the Czech national biathlon team.

It has close-fitting and is made from stretchy fabric Espan grit that offers light compression. The other materials are applied onto details. Children’s version is made from warm Roubaix material to provide necessary thermo-insulation. Roubaix can be also found on the inner stand-up collar panel in order to provide more comfort. Mesh material with a netlike structure increases breathability and therefore used on the back of armpit panels and in between the shoulder blades (not on children’s version).

Short underlaid zip with a cover and raglan sleeves hemmed with elastic gripper are essential parts of this jersey together with silicone rubber in the bottom hem to keep the jersey in place when running.

We add the reflective elements and non-slip grips at your request.

Código: at30
Material: Espan grit + Mesh
Roubaix + Mesh
Variantes: Pánská / Dámská / Dětská
Tallas: 122-128 / 134-140 / 146 / 152 / 158 / 164 / XS / S / M / L / XL / XXL / 3XL